Zolani ‘Last born’ Tete the SA jnr featherweight champion from cape town


On April 7th, 2018 we interviewed Toto Helebe who is excited about his forthcoming match with Zolani “Last Born” Tete. The previous year in November Toto Helebe experienced an injury which rendered him unfit to take on any fights but he continued training and now he finds himself fit and ready to tackle the young boxer Zolani “Last Born” Tete who is the South African Junior Featherweight Champion from Cape Town. Toto Helebe canceled a fight that he was expected to take on in December of the previous year with Zolani “Last Born” Tete. Since he is now fit tomorrow is the D-day where they will be going into the ring and take on this fight that has been a long time coming.

Toto Helebe mentions that the young man “Last Born” has been throwing remarks around that he wishes to challenge him. We find it highly interesting that Toto Helebe responds to the young man’s request for a match and says he will give the young man exactly what he wants unfortunately Toto Helebe had encountered an injury which resulted in him taking a break for a whole month not taking part in any battles but continuously training. Toto Helebe expresses that Zolani “Last Born” Tete is fit and he is thus the perfect candidate for him to take on. In fact, he is ready and looking forward to the battle.

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