Toto Helebe vs Mbulelo Dyani face to face


Toto Helebe mentions have been the champion from 2011 and nobody has managed to scrap the title from him, many have spoken that they will take the title from him, many people with even better qualities than Mbulelo Dyani but they have failed dismally.

A champion is birthed from another champion those are the words Mbulelo Dyani mentions as he looks forward to tackling Toto Helebe in the boxing ring. Mbulelo Dyani mentions that his words aren’t even a scare tactic, he goes as far as saying Toto Helebe was the champion but now it is his turn to sit down and leave other boxers to retain the championship just like him because his time as a boxer has come and gone. Mbulelo Dyani predicts that Toto Helebe will leave the boxing ring and he will leave because of him. Toto Helebe tells the interviewer that tomorrow the fight will go on and the results will prove who the master is. Toto Helebe challenges Mbulelo Dyani and refers to him as a minor who is not in his league, he mentions that many have come and gone they uttered the same words which Mbulelo Dyani is mentioning and they still aren’t the champions, so a mere minor as Mbulelo Dyani definitely has nothing on him. Toto Helebe is not willing or remotely ready to give up his championship to Mbulelo Dyani.

Tune into Mbuyekezo Boxing Channel to watch the highlights of the fight between these two boxers Mbulelo Dyani and the championship titleholder since 2011 Toto Helebe.