Teris Ntuthu the boss of Rumble Africa promotion


A weigh-in interview about Azinga Fuzile was conducted with Teris Ntuthu the boss and chairman of Rumble Africa Promotion and airs on Mbuyekezo Boxing Channel. The interview happened on the 07/04/2018 at the Gompo Community Hall.

Teris Ntuthu sounds excited to communicate with us as Azinga Fuzile is seen weighing in. Teris Ntuthu the boss of Rumble Africa Promotion highlights that tomorrow is the last day that Azinga Fuzile will fight under the featherweight challenge, and that going forth his weights will be increasing. This is because if one looks at Azinga’s age one notices that he began with the featherweight when he was 19 years old and he is currently 21 years old. As a person grows, so does their body mature and become stronger as it develops this leads to his weights increasing as well. Azinga Fuzile isn’t the first boxer to experience this they tend to increase their divisions as they grow older. The same applies to Azinga Fuzile, growing older is a blessing.

It was further enunciated by Teris Ntuthu the boss of Rumble Africa Promotion that the fight will go on tomorrow. We asked Teris Ntuthu to highlight whether tomorrow the title will be vacated and he explained that there are some boxers who will be weighed now and according to the IBF if the boxer doesn’t achieve the desired weight within that 2 hours then they forfeit so it means if they don’t meet those requirements then the fight will go on.

The interviewer asked Teris Ntuthu the boss of Rumble Africa Promotion that since this matter concerning his life has been all over the media in South Africa has it not affected his mental state while he was preparing for the fight that is approaching? And Teris Ntuthu responded that one cannot easily point out that it has affected him or not but we all know that there is no way that such situations will not affect one’s mental state especially considering Azinga Fuzile’s age.  Teris Ntuthu further highlighted that the witchcraft that was intended to destabilize his focus will not succeed in destroying Azinga Fuzile’s boxing career.

Teris Ntuthu the boss of Rumble Africa Promotion mentioned that tomorrow there will be a match that Azinga Fuzile will partake in and he will then return on the 17th of June to play in another division which will either be Light-weight or Super Feather which is Junior Weight. Management and Azinga Fuzile will hold a meeting and decide because it is clear that physically Azinga Fuzile is super fit but it is prevalent that with his present weight he will not manage to partake in the featherweight division irrespective of his fitness. Ultimately his fitness isn’t used as a scare tactic.