What better way to get inspired by the greatest fan in your area and in your sport for an upcoming match. Watch as the renowned biggest boxing Fan in the Eastern Cape ‘Sabotage’ gives advice for boxers who will be fighting this weekend. Sabotage is acclaimed the biggest boxing fan in the Eastern Cape and in his interview, he provides the boxers advice about making sure they prepare more for their upcoming fights.

His unquestionable love and support for boxing has awarded him the qualifications to encourage and advice the boxers as they get prepared for their match.

Enthusiastic for his interview as he is for his favourite sport, Sabotage seemed as prepared for his interview. He advices boxers to always be fully prepared for fight beforehand. He advices boxers to really take care of themselves, they must treat themselves well and make sure that are well prepared days before fights. He urges managers to also make sure to follow up on the sport and the boxers, so that they too are able to manage their boxers well.

Watch all this and more from Sabotage ‘The biggest boxing fan in the Eastern Cape’ interview as he gives advice to boxers for the upcoming weekend fights.