Rumble Africa promotion brings you Toto vs Dyani round 2


Speak of their previous matches mention the highlights and speak on their fighting style.

Toto Helebe the South African Bantam Weight Champion fights over 12 rounds with Mbulelo Dyani. The two boxers as mentioned in previous interviews have been anticipating this fight for almost 6 months now unfortunately they failed to fight in December 2017 because Toto Helebe underwent an injury. But now 5 months later they find themselves in a boxing ring ready to fight over the championship.

Mbulelo Dyani mentioned in an interview with Mbuyekezo Boxing Channel yesterday that he had been persevering with his training in preparation for this fight that he is finally fighting with Toto Helebe. Mbulelo Dyani has high hopes to walk away from this fight as the new Championship winner. Toto Helebe in his own words mentions that he is not ready to hand over his championship to a young inexperienced boxer such as Mbulelo Dyani.

The boxing match goes off to a start with much anticipation from the crowd because a champion is being challenged of his championship title. Will he lose it or will he walk away with it as he has been since 2011. Round 2 kicks off and it is evident that Helebe the South African Bantam Weight champion is fighting aggressively not to lose his title, the same applies with Dyani who is hungry to strip him of the title.

Stay tuned to Mbuyekezo Boxing Channel for more highlights surrounding this fight.