Mbulelo Dyani the challenger of Toto Helebe


During the weigh-in interview, Mbulelo Dyani recounts times where he was meant to tackle Toto Helebe in the ring but something came up. Now he is glad because he knows that his patience has made him stronger and will prove fruitful when he does end up challenging Toto Helebe.

Mbulelo Dyani speaks with nothing but pride in his heart when he highlights that he deeply wants the championship title and belt and he is going to make sure that this title and belt will be leaving with him. His confidence as the challenger of Toto Helebe who holds the current title shines forth when he showcases that he won’t even need to get to Round 5 before that belt is set around his waist.

Mbulelo Dyani mentions that he has worked and trained viciously in preparation for this fight unfortunately when he and Toto Helebe were meant to fight in December, Toto Helebe was injured and couldn’t fight but Mbulelo Dyani was ready and continued training and preparing to one day challenge this champion. Toto Helebe is now healed and back taking fights and Mbulelo is hungry to take him on same way as he was last year. Mbulelo Dyani says he doesn’t want to predict that he will overcome him and win the fight but he can say one thing, he has worked and trained hard and he will push to the very end.

His closing remarks are filled with humility as he says “Perseverance breeds a great reward”. Mbulelo Dyani urges the community to come and watch the fight because he has worked hard and he believes he will receive the title and reap what he has sown with all his efforts.