We have caught up with Mr. Macman Sinyabi, the boss himself of the MMT Promotions for an interview. MMT Promotions is hosting a big boxing tournament which will be launching the company as well as their boxers.

Macman Sinyabi is interviewed during their pre-medical and weigh-Inn. Date 23- 08- 2018. The boxing tournament MMT Promotions Boss is excited about the tournament. He states that he is here to grow in the industry and to push that the boxers must receive coverage and fighting opportunities.

In regards to the state of MMT Promotions, Mr. Sinyabi states that ”you crawl then you walk”, they are still taking baby steps are they are here to develop in the industry. He explains that it is all about development, for the boxers and for MMT. His job is to make sure that people are entertained, he has been able to invite big names in the music industry and his aim was to go big with the launch.

Watch as he also speaks about give fights for the boxers and how he wants MMT to push boxers to keep going. Watch Macman Sinyabi Interview during the pre-med and weigh-inn. Date 23-08-2018.