Ludumo “9mm” Lamati is interviewed about the upcoming boxing fight hosted by Xaba Promotions for their 10 year anniversary celebrations. Ludumo Lamati, a South African pro boxer trained by the former boxing champion Rocky Weinstein has a number of successful fights over his boxing career and he is quite confident that he will be continuing that trend.

Ludumo is one of the boxers on the line-up for the boxing match hosted by Xaba promotions for their 10 year anniversary which they are celebrating through a world class boxing event. The event has a line-up of really experienced boxers but that does not seem to faze the confident boxing champion.

He is highly confident that he is fully prepared for this fight and he will win it, very encouraging words for his fans. In the interview, he speaks about his career in boxing, where he is now and where sees himself going. He states that boxing is all he knows and ultimately that is the direction his futer plans are headed towards.

The boxer speaks about the boxing sport, his future in promoting and so much more in his interview. Watch Ludumo Lamati interview as Mbuyekezo brings your favourite boxer’s interviews.