Linda Saliwa, Knuckle Boxing Promotions. Date 03-08-2019


What better way to bring value to open boxing than open boxing tournament? Watch as we followed  New Breed and Gemic Boxing Clubs in Conjunction with Knuckle Boxing Promotions & Events, as they present Open Boxing Tournament, Knuckle day, season 1 Episode 2. The tournament is based on reviving boxing and bring value to open boxing.

Watch the talented Linda Saliwa from knuckles boxing promotions as he speaks about the exciting tournament. In the interview, he discusses how they plan to have more episodes on a monthly basis. Make sure to subscribe to our channel so that you don’t miss out on any updates.

This wonderful event, Open Boxing Tournament, knuckle day, season 1, episode 2 03 August 219 was hosted by knuckle boxing promotions. Linda Saliwa from the knuckle boxing promotions states how they have been able to create two episodes so far. The events will be taking place every month from now on and they hope that it can assist in the communities to get youngsters away from negative activities and get them excited about boxing.

Watch as he also speaks about the community support and the overall excitement over the tournament.  Subscribe to the channel to keep up to date with the event.