Family of the late Phakamile Mpeku Interview


Gregory Phakamile “Paks” Mpeku was born on the 26th of January 1962 and sadly passed away in 2016. Mbuyekezo Boxing Channel interviewed his mother Mrs N Mthethwa, she speaks of how he dedicated his whole life to boxing and spent his days in the ring. On this day of his funeral she sees how big the boxing family is especially on how much support they have offered her and other young men by keeping them off the streets and busy with uplifting their lives.

Leading him to his final resting place wouldn’t have been possible if the community and boxing family weren’t present and supportive of her and her family during Phakamile Mpeku’s last days on earth.

Mrs. N. Godana speaks of how Phakamile Mpeku was a good, kind-hearted young man while involved in boxing. He respected his elderly’s at home and didn’t allow his boxing spirit to “go to his head” and spent his free time training on how to be a better boxer so much so that he would only be involved in boxing when he was on the ring and wouldn’t fight with other people when he was out of the ring.

Mbuyekezo Boxing Channel prays that Phakamile Mpeku may Rest in Peace!