Bongani Zulu boss of Zulu sport promotion


Within the community of Eastern Cape it is common news that 1 boxer feeds 15 family members. These are the words issued by Bongani Zulu boss of Zulu Sports Promotion. He is grateful for the support and endorsement offered to him and the young boxers of Eastern Cape by the Buffalo City Metropolitan municipality, he is glad that these young boxers are being given the opportunity to stay off the street and still manage to feed their family members. This is a plight that is affecting many young people within Eastern Cape and Zulu Sport Promotion finds itself focusing on these young men’s talents, honing their skills and turning them into successful young boxers with bright careers ahead of them. Through all these efforts Bongani Zulu boss of Zulu Sport Promotions they have managed to train and mentor these young men into seasoned boxers well known across the world reaching areas where other boxers can only dream, these young boxers have shone the light on Eastern Cape and made it the home of champions.

In the interview he is promoting the fight being fought by Luzuko Siyo and Tshemese who are both former champions, the fight will be happening tomorrow. These are young boxers who have made great names for themselves within the Eastern Cape boxing community.

Bongani Zulu mentions that he and his promotion company are very excited for the upcoming year and specifically can’t wait for a fight that will be hosted in May.