BCMM Pilots an Administration Training Workshop on Boxing Development


Contribution by: Yamkela Sifingo (28/072016)

The Buffalo City Metro Municipality (BCMM) is running a basic, pilot administration training workshop, for various boxing federations around the Metro. The training starts from Wednesday 28 July – 30 July 2016, at Thandi Guest House in Sunny Ridge, just outside East London CBD.

The above mentioned workshop running in East London is an outcome of joined forces between BCMM and the Department of Sport at District level. According to Mr.Elliot Menziwa of Mdantsane Amateur Boxing Organization (MDABO) the workshop is a response to a humble request that had been made to BCMM, “we sent our request for this training because the organization received complaints that boxing is not about referees and judges but administration is important. Such complaints were assisting in making this training possible and indeed the metro responded”.

“Ta Smalls” (Mr. Menziwa) as he is hailed, further explained that the outcome of this workshop will sharpen the organization and the boxing fraternity to develop sports professionally, “this will enhance us with legitimate and insightful skills of administration so that our boxing federations can operate professionally in this process of developing boxing. More than 30 boxing official were selected to take part in the training. Each federation being represented by two people in the workshop”.

In addition to the above, Mr Menziwa also revealed that the information will also trickle down to the club level, “the people who participate in this workshop are obliged to share the information with all the clubs affiliates under the ruling body of MDABO in Mdantsane”. He concluded by saying the organization wants the whole fraternity to operate professionally, “we want professionalism to apply at club level.(how to run a club administratively. It will help us organize data and have systematic ways of keeping track of boxers information and data”.