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Azinga Fuzile vs Ibrahim Class Round 2. Date:09-12-2018

Watch Round two of Azinga Fuzile vs Ibrahim Class boxing Match 09 – 12 – 2018, held by Rumble Africa Promotions for the IBG Africa Junior Lightweight Title. Rumble Africa Promotion (RAP) presents a Bumper Xmas boxing tournament...

Azinga “Golden Boy” Fuzile vs Immanuel Adeleki

Catch up with Mbuyekezo Boxing Channel as we stream the highlights of the IBF Africa Continental Feather Weights Title Fight between Azinga “Golden Boy” Fuzile and Immanuel Adeleki on the 8th of April 2018 at the Orient Theatre Hall....
Arnold Taylor

Arnold Taylor – The Former Undisputed World Bantamweight Champion.

Arnold Taylor made his professional boxing debut on 20 May 1967, against Ray Buttle. His first three fights were against Buttle; he won the Transvaal Bantamweight title with a ninth round knockout of Buttle in his second fight, held on 30...

Teris Ntuthu the boss of Rumble Africa promotion

A weigh-in interview about Azinga Fuzile was conducted with Teris Ntuthu the boss and chairman of Rumble Africa Promotion and airs on Mbuyekezo Boxing Channel. The interview happened on the 07/04/2018 at the Gompo Community Hall. Teris Ntuthu sounds excited...

Sivenathi Nontshinga vs Mushin Kizota Round 5

This is round 5 of Nontshinga (South Africa) versus Kizota (Tanzania) fight held on the 9th December 2018 hosted by Rumble Africa Promotions. Mbuyekezo Boxing Channel covered this fights. This was the Vacant WBO Africa Jnr. Flyweight Title Fight....

Ntlantla Tyirha vs Siphenathi Dasa Open Boxing Highlights

Open Boxing Highlights of Ntlantla Tyirha,Mbuyekezo Boxing Channel will bring you more of those boxers that turn profession this year.

Celebrating the Life of the Late Reuben”Kid Zion”Matewu.Date 06-09-2019

Celebrating the Life of the Late Reuben"Kid Zion"Matewu.Medicineman and a former professional boxer,Reuben Matewu gave up teaching career to pursue a career in alternative medicine.Kid Zion was indeed a gentleman and a straight talker and he speakes his mind.His...
Mbuyekezo Boxing Channel

Team Buffalo City Metro Municipality heads for Steve Tshwete Memorial Games

By Yamkela Sifingo 29 Nov 2016 Buffalo City Metro Municipality (BCMM) boxing team is heading for the first edition of the Steve Tshwete Memorial Games that will be held at Kouga in Port Elizabeth, starting from Wednesday 30th November – Saturday 03...

Azinga”The Golden Boy”Fuzile has landed in the Mecca of Boxing,EL.Date 25-09-2019

Azinga Fuzile has landed in the Mecca of Boxing,East London with his trainer/manager Colin"Nomakanjani"Nathan.Rumble Africa Promotions will stage the biggest fight ever to grace the East London soil.On the 29 September 2019.Were we will see Azinga"The Golden Boy"Fuzile take...