Azinga “Golden Boy” Fuzile vs Immanuel Adeleki


Catch up with Mbuyekezo Boxing Channel as we stream the highlights of the IBF Africa Continental Feather Weights Title Fight between Azinga “Golden Boy” Fuzile and Immanuel Adeleki on the 8th of April 2018 at the Orient Theatre Hall. Both of the young boxing stars are weighed in and Immanuel is seen to be weighing 57.6 kilograms.

The fight hits off to a great start and both the boxers seem highly invested and focused on winning. Their legwork is greatly strategized so are the punches which they throw. They both dance around the ring in unity and focus on the prize ahead. Azinga Fuzile’s spirit doesn’t seem to waiver as he constantly corners Immanuel Adeleki it is evident that “Golden Boy” will defend his title to the very end and fight tooth and nail to retain his title. And the end shows exactly that when Azinga “Golden Boy” Fuzile wins the fight and retains his Title of IBF Africa Continental Feather Weight Champion.

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